Stanciu’s stunner keeps hopes for Steaua


Good result for Steaua in the first leg of the 3rd preliminary round of UEFA Champions League. Romanian vice-champions, Steaua ended with a 1-1 draw in Prague against Sparta. Reghencampf’s team has a big change to go through on home ground next week.

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The opening goal was scored by Josef Sural 35 minutes later after the first whistle. Borek Dockal sends a high ball from a corner kick close to Nita’s post. Sural jumps higher than any Romanian defender and his header puts the ball into the left side of the goal.


Sparta missed some good changes but failed to score their second goal and they were leading only 1 to nothing after 45 minutes. Steaua’s equalizer came in the 75th minute when Stanciu took advantage of a free kick and put his name on the score sheet with a beautiful strike.


The score established by Stanciu was also the final result, Sparta 1, Steaua 1. The second leg will take place in Bucharest next week.

Sparta Prague – Steaua Bucharest 1: 1 (1: 0)
Goals: 35′ Sural / 75′ Stanciu.
Refs: Siebert – Seidel, Achmüller (Germany).
Yellow cards: Matejovsky, Zahustel, Frydek, Kadlec – Tamas, Stanciu, Pintilie, Aganovic, Enache.
Spectators: 13.257

Sparta: Bicik – Holek, Brabec, Kadlec – Zahustel (80′ – Costa), Cermak (63′ – Matejovsky), Dockal, Frydek, Konate – Sural (59′ – Fatai), Lafata.
Coach: Scasny

Steaua: Nita – Enache, Tamas, Tosca, Momcilovic – Stanciu, Pintilii, Tudorie (55′ – Ad. Popa), Achim (89′ – D. Popescu), Aganovic (62′ – Sulley) – Golubovic.
Coach: Reghecampf.



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