Matchday 26 was the last one in the regular season from Liga 1. Astra, the current champions played on home ground with FC Botosani, apparently a match without any stake.

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Astra was already qualified for the play-off and Botosani had no chance to change their 8th position on the table, no mater if they win or lose. There seemed to be a big stake though for Leo Grozavu, the manager of the visitors. 32 minues after the first whistle, Mihai Roman cannot continue due to an injury and Grozavu sends Golofca in.

Astra scores twices and misses a lot of good other opportunities by the 80th minute. Grozavu make another change, Golofca, the player that he just sent in in the first half, gets replaced by Herghelegiu. Driven by anger, Botosani’s manager starts beating his player just moments after he got changed.

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