Leo Grozavu organized a press conference related to the “Golofca incident” this morning announcing his resignation as the manager of FC Botosani. The president of FC Botosani, Cornel Sfaiter declared that he’s not accepting Grozavu’s resignation although he admits that his gesture was a bad one and shouldn’t have taken place.

Grozavu at the press conference
Leo Grozavu / Source: mpinteractiv.ro

“I felt that he will quit today but this doesn’t mean we’ll accept it. We don’t agree with his resignation at the moment but we can’t keep him against his will. I will talk to him and with the staff. We want to finish this kind of discussions. It’s obvious that there will be an extra pressure in the team. It’s very clear that Leo’s gesture was very bad. We don’t accept. Let’s not forget the performance. As a manager he’s a 10.” – Cornel Sfaiter, FC Botosani president. 

Grozavu is the manager of FC Botosani for the third time in the last 10 years. He was previously appointed in 2007 and 2014.

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