Bonetti quits ASA Tg. Mures after just 3 matches


Dario Bonetti decided to leave ASA Tg. Mures after tonight’s away loss against CSM Poli Iasi, 3-0, the 3rd one in a row. 

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Bonetti: “The opponents played much better. This is the reason why we lost. The club knew a week ago about my resignation. I didn’t expect such a situation. I had to live this experience, it’s part of our profession. It was a good experience. I knew very well that it will be very difficult but I didn’t think it will be that much difficult. The reasons for my resignation are confidential. I want to talk to the club and the players because they need to know I quit.”

ASA Tg. Mures lost all the matches from Liga 1 so far, 2-1 with Gaz Metan, 2-1 with CSU Craiova and 3-0 with CSM Poli Iasi



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